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Welcoming to Everyone. Rooted in the belief that quality healthcare should be accessible to all, we provide dental care that transcends barriers to underserved communities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, has access to comprehensive oral health care.

Comfortable Environment. We understand the importance of a serene environment in alleviating dental anxieties, and our commitment to your comfort is reflected in every detail of our practice.

Advanced Technology: We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of dental technology, providing the latest advancements to ensure efficient, precise, and comfortable treatments for our patients.

Open and Honest Communication. An informed patient is an empowered one, and we strive to build a trusting relationship by addressing concerns and providing detailed explanations.

Quality Dental Treatments. Our dedicated team of professionals provides meticulous care using advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal outcomes. The pursuit of excellence is the cornerstone of our practice.

Unified Team Members. You’ll notice right away the positive energy and dedication of our united team, all working towards a common goal – providing you with an exceptional and personalized patient experience.

Extended Hours. Whether it's early morning or evening hours, our extended availability reflects our dedication to making dental care a seamless and accessible experience for all.

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Signature dental solutions for your family in Minneapolis, MN

Discover the renowned dental services we offer in the Minneapolis, MN area. Our extensive range of treatments includes specialized services that have solidified our reputation for exceptional care.


NE1 Dental offers advanced dental implants, providing a permanent solution for missing teeth. Our expert team ensures natural-looking results and improved oral health with precise implant integration techniques.

LANAP® Laser Treatments
High-Tech Implant Placement


Comprehensive dental care is all about giving your teeth and mouth the complete care they deserve. A one-stop shop for everything from keeping your smile sparkling to addressing any problems that might arise.



NE1 Dental provides expert dental extraction services, ensuring gentle removal of problematic teeth. Our skilled team prioritizes patient comfort and safety, offering efficient solutions to address various dental concerns.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Same-Day Dental Crowns


Experience immediate relief with our comprehensive dental emergency services, available the same day for sudden toothaches, broken teeth, and other urgent dental needs.


Emergency & New Patient Appointments Available

Meet Our Talented Dental Care Team.

MEET Dr. Elaine Benke & Dr. Shantell Heins

Elaine Benke, DDS

MEET Dr. Elaine Benke & Dr. Shantell Heins

Shantell Heins, DDS

Drs. Benke and Heins are passionate about providing exceptional and compassionate dental care. With a deep commitment to treating each individual with respect and understanding, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Having personally experienced the barriers that marginalized communities face in accessing necessary dental care, we recognize the importance of receiving treatment from empathetic caregivers who share similar lived experiences. Our dedication to inclusivity extends beyond the walls of our clinic, as we actively engage with and support our community in Minneapolis. Through our collective efforts, we aim to positively impact lives by providing quality dental care that prioritizes both oral health and overall well-being.

General, Cosmetic & Restorative Services with the Latest Technologies

NE1 Dental is your all-in-one solution! Our dedicated team is proud to provide comprehensive services with a commitment to patient education, integrity, and honesty regarding treatment options. Empowering our patients to achieve optimal health is our priority. With a compassionate approach, we deliver top-notch dental care in a modern environment, ensuring our patients feel comfortable and confident during their visits. We deeply value their time and choices, striving to deliver personalized and attentive care that consistently exceeds expectations.

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Dental emergency? In many cases we can see you today!

At NE1 Dental, we understand the urgency of dental emergencies, and in most cases, we can swiftly arrange an appointment for your necessary treatment.

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